Cape Verde Tour: Hotels and Excursions

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Paradise sandy beaches, turquoise sea and year-round sunshine await you Sal Island, Cape Verde. A dream travel destination that remains unknown to many. Leah and Rebecca from TUI’s social media team were there for you and reported on their personal experiences.

At the end of January, Rebecca and I escaped the cold German winter and sat down with our social media “I’m on tour” Traveling to you on the island of Sal, Cape Verde. We went live on our social media channels Instagram, Facebook And Pinterest Taken to give you Top 4 hotels To introduce the island.

The exotic Cape Verde archipelago is about a 7-hour flight from Germany and is located in the Atlantic Ocean off the West African coast. The big plus point is that the time calculation in Central European Time is only 2-3 hours, depending on summer or winter time. Cape Verde enjoys 330 sunny days per year A warm destination all year round. We were lucky enough to fly to Sal on a direct flight with TUI from Hannover.

We turned around on the trip a little bit Extra comfort To enjoy ourselves, we booked comfortable seats for more leg room and also a delicious menu Advance reservation with a warm meal and a hot and cold drink of your choice. We had a huge range available here, from classic curries to sweet pies. The trip went by very quickly and the island greeted us with beautiful sunshine and pleasant temperatures. The perfect start!

Top 1: Tui Blue Carbo Verde *****

Our first destination, beautiful TUI BLUE Cabo Verde on the southwest island of Sal, we stayed here in a gorgeous two-story bungalow. the Erwachsenenhotel It has a beautiful landscape with many palm trees and a 1,300 square meter wellness area that is ideal for spending a good time. Comfortable break.

A special recommendation from us – Double Swim Up Rooms, where you can jump straight from your room into the pool.

TUI BLUE Cabo Verde is located in First beach location On the sandy beach, which is five kilometers long and very wide. There is an area of ​​the beach where the waves are sometimes very high and another area of ​​the beach that is protected by a wall and therefore there are hardly any waves. This makes it easy to swim in the sea here.

In the evening we tested Uhud’s kitchen Three specialized restaurants the hotel. We enjoyed a delicious 7-course menu at Nami, an Asian restaurant. This wasn’t just one Highlight the palateBut also for the eye: the dishes are prepared like little works of art. The highlight was the sushi surfboard, which we had never seen before. the Quiet hotel complex Especially suitable for couples who just want to relax and unwind together time together You want to have fun.

Top 2: Hotel Riu Palace Santa Maria *****

the second Top HotelWhich we have brought to you via our social media channels is the beautiful Riu Palace Santa Maria hotel. the accident And spacious Hotel complex It is located directly on the gorgeous long sandy beach of Santa Maria and provides you with the perfect starting point for long walks on the beach with the sound of the waves as the soundtrack. We were especially happy to spend the night in one of the elegant rooms Double room With private swimming pool – Just a dream!

The hotel room is about 30 square metres, which is a really good size, the style of furniture is modern and there are comfortable chairs on the balcony for you to relax on. A big plus from me is the beautiful bathroom with a large makeup mirror. You can cool in one of Neon bathrooms From the hotel – some even have a swim-up bar. The all-inclusive offer also includes the Original Aperol Spritz, which tastes especially refreshing by the pool.

The gastronomic offer is also the same five Different Restaurants Very versatile. From buffet restaurants, to Italian or Japanese specialty restaurants, to the delicious Praia steakhouse, you’ll find everything your heart (or stomach) desires here.

The daily entertainment offers at Riu Palace Santa Maria are varied: whether it is entertainment for children in the pool, fun sports courses or a wonderful white or pink party in the entertainment area – everyone gets what they deserve here. There is also a separate children’s club with a playground and water park. By the way, there is also a water park with slides for seniors. Anyone craving peace and relaxation will find it at Renova Spa for ages 18 and up. Here you can relax in the indoor pool or enjoy soothing massages and health offers.

We were particularly impressed by the varied entertainment program for holiday guests old and young.

Top 3: Hilton Cabo Verde Sal Resort *****

Our journey took us even further poetic Hilton Cabo Verde Sal Resort on Santa Maria Beach. The modern hotel is surrounded by beautifully maintained green spaces A garden area with palm trees provides you with plenty of comfortable seating such as deck chairs in the pool area Day beds. You can book the hotel with breakfast, half board or full board. Breakfast and dinner are served buffet style in the main restaurant “Magellan Restaurant”. Our advice: In the evening, be sure to make your own type of ice cream using a variety of ingredients – the ice cream is made fresh and shaped into thin rolls on a very cold plate – truly delicious!

We haven’t had anything like this anywhere else Large standard rooms As in the Hilton Cabo Verde Sal Resort – it is very spacious and has an area of ​​​​about 37 square meters. The various suites are approximately 50 to 72 square meters larger than the standard rooms and are equipped with modern and elegant furnishings. You can find the perfect place to relax at the beautiful ‘Eforea Spa’ or with some music and a sunset drink at the ‘Cize Bar’. If you want to explore the local bars and shops in the evening, it’s not far from here! Santa Maria center is a short walk away.

Fourth place: Robinson Cape Verde****

Last stop of our trip – Robinson Cabo Verde – Real highlight! This adults-only club has one dream site Right on the 8-kilometre-long sandy beach of Santa Maria, it doesn’t just make water sports enthusiasts’ hearts beat faster. The club has its own water sports station for windsurfing and windsurfing, ideal for making the most of the high Atlantic waves. If you prefer something a little more relaxed, you can relax at the club’s casual beach bar with delicious drinks and a view of the turquoise waters.

In the evening, you can listen to the relaxing sounds of live music as the sun sets. One awaits you at Robinson Cabo Verde A diverse entertainment programme From sports activities to a street food festival for dinner to great shows and parties in the evening, there is something to suit all tastes.

We particularly enjoyed this club Great food choice With some pre-prepared dishes and home baking specialties. There are also great vegetarian and vegan offerings and also a variety of options if you have an intolerance. You can enjoy walking through the beautiful green gardens with palm trees, along the 2 swimming pools and the large spa area. At ROBINSON CABO VERDE you will definitely feel comfortable and on vacation from the first moment.

Flexible holidays: car rental from TUI CARS

Car rented from TUI CARS on the beach on the island of Sal, Cape Verde.

our Toy Cars car rental company He was our faithful companion to get from point A to point B in Sal. In our Dacia Duster, which seats up to 5 people, we had enough space for our luggage and were able to explore the island flexibly and at our own pace. We booked the rental car very conveniently before our arrival and collected it from the car rental station upon arrival. We were particularly pleased with the fair regulation of the “full/full” tank. Full and dropped insurance cover. We were also able to sign up an additional driver for free. Toy Cars car rental company Rebooking and cancellation can be done free of charge up to 24 hours before rental.

Excursion: TUI Turtle Aid Station

A trip that was particularly close to our hearts took us to the TUI Turtle Aid station not far from Riu Palace Santa Maria. The project is run by Toy Care Foundation Supports and devotes to this Sea turtle conservation in Sal – More precisely this Loggerhead sea turtle. We were able to shadow a German-speaking project employee throughout the day, learn about her tasks and learn a lot about the project. To maintain the turtle population in Cape Verde, they help the animals protect their nests through monitoring, transportation, tourism education and community engagement. They want to raise awareness of species protection among local people through lectures and visits to schools in Sal.

TUI Turtle Aid supports this through local projects and strong on-site project partners in holiday destinations such as Cape Verde Islands, Greece and Turkey.

► Find out more about the TUI Turtle Aid environmental programme

Many loggerhead sea turtles on the beach of Sal Island, Cape Verde, on their way to the sea.

Worth protecting: Loggerhead sea turtles on Sal Beach. | © Leah

Goodbye to Sal Cape Verde & Conclusion

At the end of our trip, we have lots of great tips on hotels, trips and attractions Cape Verde Island Sal In our luggage for you plus an exceptionally beautiful tan for January and a lot of enthusiasm for Cape Verde. A great travel destination for anyone who doesn’t want to miss the sun even in winter. Of course Sal did too A sunny destination all year roundAlways worth the trip.

Where else can you find it over the middle distance Kilometers of sandy beaches With almost Caribbean turquoise waters, vibrant cities like Santa Maria, gorgeous sand dune landscapes, and the best conditions for water sports like kite surfing? Added to this is really beautiful, modern and Diverse hotel choice And the great excursion options we have summarized for you in our bucket list. And so we leave Sal again for a direct flight back to Hanover – until the next flight “I’m on tour” Dears.