Thule Sapling – Best Kraxe (even for toddlers/infants)

Thule Seedling - Best Cracks

After we have Baby carrier At 10 months, she was slowly becoming too big and heavy for the front carrier and wasn't really happy on her back either, and it was clear that a bassinet carrier or baby seat was now needed.

Especially for an outdoor author like me, this backpack is a must-have and a long-term investment, not only for special outings, but also for researching my next (hiking) book this year. My requirements for the future baby carrier were high: not only did the carrier have to be extremely comfortable for me and the baby, but it also had to be easily adaptable to other people carrying it. I also wanted the carrier to look good (to my taste). An impossible task at first glance.

Until I get to that Thule sapling to push. This is where functionality meets direct and simple design – something typical of the Swedes or a Swedish manufacturer. So the jack of all trades among the Kraxen? After extensively researching all the pros and cons, Thule-Kraxe moved in with us a little over a month ago, and has been there every day since! In use. In this article I would like to share with you my experience with Thule Sapling – especially with a young child. As always, feel free to write in the comments your experiences and whether my article helped you!

By the way: There was no collab for this article, I bought Kraxe myself!

Thule seedling: design

what's in Thule sapling What immediately catches your eye at first glance is the simple and straightforward design. It is no coincidence that the Kraxe won the Ret Dot Award in 2022 for its practical and well-thought-out design. Compared to other manufacturers like Deuter or Osprey, the Thule Sapling has a fairly simple appearance. It is available (currently) in two color options – sage and cactus green or black and turquoise. I decided – of course or – for the former.

Of course, you don't choose a carrier (only) because of its looks, but hey, why can't a carrier that you carry with a child for at least two or three years also satisfy you visually? And for me, the whole thing definitely has a professional use – after all, the part will also be used in my photo production. I have high aesthetic standards that I may not have in private life. But until then, I'm simply enjoying the beautiful design.

Thule Seedling - Best Cracks

Adjustment options and wearing comfort

Let's come to some concrete facts: Thule sapling It also features numerous customization options. The back and stone strap can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit the proportions and individual requirements of the wearer. It can therefore be easily adapted to another wearer (of a different stature) during the tour without having to fiddle for a long time. The waist belt can also be individually adjusted to suit the person wearing it. By this I don't just mean the belt (it stands to reason that it's adjustable), but also the padding seat on the Thule Kraxe can be adjusted.

Thirdly, the child seat can also be adjusted to suit the individual size of the child. But I will touch upon this in more detail in connection with the next point, which is the comfort of sitting for the child.

Since the portable part of the Kraxe is made of air-permeable mesh fabric, it is difficult to get sweat on your back. This is a big plus, especially when compared to a carrier, where you hold the baby directly against your body and literally sweat over each other on hot days or under the jacket of the baby carrier. I'm definitely curious how big the difference will be in the middle of summer.

In general, wearing comfort is a very individual matter and it is best to test it in the store. You should not forget that with a carrier you can travel quickly with more than 15 kilograms on your back. I have never carried this much weight on a long trip with a tent. Even with my big, heavy 11-month-old, I'm here at 14kg.

Thule Seedling - Best Cracks

Thule Sapling: Sitting comfort for babies/toddlers

More important than the comfort of wearing is the comfort of the baby/toddler sitting. This is quite a challenge when you consider that the crib can be used for children from 6 months to about 4 years old. Of course, I can only currently evaluate how comfortable a toddler or toddler is, but I'm happy to provide an update on how it is to carry a larger toddler and whether the carrier is still as popular as it is now.

Basically, the new pregnancy system Thule sapling A different model than most other Kraxen products. The legs hang in a kind of hammock, similar to the squatting position recommended for infants. Even young children's legs are aligned at the right angle, which is crucial for the child's comfort while sitting. Moreover, the seat height is adjustable so that younger children can sit at the height of the wearer's head and not sink into the carrier.

So I had a good feeling about the Mini from the beginning about its fit in the car. Mini's friend also tested the Kraxe with us. She is smaller and more delicate than our son, and she sat so well in Thule Sapling that her parents also bought Kraxe. I can fully recommend Kraxe for young children.

Although not without limitations: Thule Sapling is approved for children ages 6 months and older. However, the baby should be able to sit well and steady without assistance for a period of time until he can actually walk in his crib. Minnie has been sitting independently since he was about 8 months old and we have been using the bassinet since he was 11 months old. In addition, we take regular breaks and don't go on very long rides. As a backup, I still have the good old carrier in the Kraxe's luggage compartment in case the Mini gets overwhelmed or tired. He hasn't slept in the nursery yet. So far I have simply placed it in the carrier. So half of our somewhat longer trip was spent in the tanker and the other half in the tanker. (But I have to say, our son has never been a baby who can sleep anywhere. For us so far this has only worked in the carrier and in the bed.)

By the way, the seat including the chin rest can also be easily removed and machine washed – perfect for all the babies and toddlers who still put everything in their mouths or for various food stains when snacking on the go. A little anecdote to accompany this: Just a few weeks ago I was always thinking: “I'm not going to bribe my child with food on the go.” Well, the same applies here again: opinions can change.

Compact dimensions

Something other testers are up to Thule sapling What has often been highlighted are the Kraxe's compact dimensions of 35 x 31 x 73 centimeters. This is not only an advantage on narrow and overgrown hiking trails, but also when transporting by car, bus and train. Admittedly, I'm unfortunately lacking in comparison here. According to my research, the Kraxe falls in the middle range in terms of its weight at 3.2kg. In my opinion, this backpack should hold little weight due to the stability and carrying system.

Thule Seedling - Best Cracks

Thule seedling: accessories

Unfortunately, Thule skimps on accessories. Because only the practical folding canopy is included when you purchase the Kraxe.

Thule Seedling - Best Cracks

Anyone have a suitable one Rain protection If you need it, you unfortunately have to purchase it separately. So far, we've only used the umbrella in light rain, which also works great at keeping some of the raindrops out. I'll probably buy a rain cover for the first time we get really wet or have to stop hiking completely because of rain.

If you need additional storage space beyond 20 liters, you can find the right one Sling backpack Buy an extra one that simply clips into the front of the Kraxe. This is especially practical if you are going on longer rides without stopping alone with a child. I have to admit, I'm quite challenged with the weight of baby and carrier, so I keep my extra luggage as light as possible. I either have companions who take care of carrying the food, or I choose tours where we can stop along the way. I will be happy to provide you with another update if this changes in the future.

Thule Seedling: Press

One point where Thule Sapling cannot score points is the rather high price of Kraxe, which is typical for the manufacturer. While the manufacturer lists it at 429 euros, I bought the Kraxe at various discounts online for 278 euros. This makes sense to me, considering how much we'll be using this part over the next few years. And if you compare that to the price of average strollers that – like ours – just sit in the hall, the Thule Sapling is a good investment for me! Unfortunately, the latest model is not yet available for purchase, but that will definitely change in a few months/years. When making such investments (or baby stuff in general), I always check first if I can get the item used through Vinted or classifieds – for the benefit of the environment and the wallet.


For me, the Thule Sapling is a very adaptable and comfortable bed that is comfortable even for small children (under 1 year). In my opinion, it's also the most beautiful Kraxe currently available on the market.

Was this individual experience report helpful to you? Then feel free to leave it in the comments!

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