The 8 most beautiful beaches in Madeira ▷ Our tips

Map with beaches in Madeira

Are there beaches in Madeira?

There are beaches in Madeira. However, the island is not a classic beach destination. Here you will find mainly large beaches Stone And only a few sandy beaches.

But it doesn’t matter, because that’s it Views The beaches are crazy and amazing Photo topics content. In addition, the beaches are rarely crowded.

If the waves at the beaches are too strong for you, you can simply go to one of them to cool yourself Natural baths Going to Madeira – it’s a completely different bathing experience.

Therefore, a holiday in Madeira is especially beneficial for people who prefer this Secluded beaches in nature Find out what you want to lie on the beach all day.

The most beautiful beaches in Madeira in one map

For a first overview, we’ve plotted our tips for eight beautiful beaches on a map.

Map with beaches in Madeira
Our map with the 8 most beautiful beaches in Madeira

Sandy beaches in Madeira

There are a few real gems hidden among Madeira’s few sandy beaches.

Seixal Beach

Beautiful beach at Seixal in Madeira
For us, Seixal Beach is the most beautiful sandy beach in Madeira
  • Black sand
  • Swimming and surfing
  • A restaurant, showers and toilets are available

You should know this: Praia do Seixal is a dark sand beach located in the city of Seixal. The view of the green slopes in the background is amazing. In one place there is even a waterfall – a kind of natural shower, so to speak.

Why don’t you see this Praia do Seixal? Yes, it is our favorite beach in Madeira.

Just ask about Praia do Sexale: Best by car. There is parking on the beach. Since these are limited, go in the morning. Alternatively, some buses leave from there every day Roadwest From Puerto Moniz or Sao Vicente Nach Seixal.

Our hotel tip for Seixal: North Coast View House

Small beach

Prainha Strand in Madeira
Prainha Beach is located in the middle of nature
  • Black sand
  • Baden
  • A restaurant, showers and toilets are available

You should know this: Prainha is located in a bay between Caniçal and Ponta da São Lourenço. This beach also consists of black sand and offers a wonderful panoramic view. Aside from the beach bar, there are no buildings in sight.

Is Brianha worth it? Yes. You can stop there on your way back from your excursion to Punta de São Lourenço.

This is how you reach Brianha: It’s easier by car. There is a car park at the top of the road. Buses also run from Caniçal Sam Or walk outside the city – a distance of 2.5 km. From the street you have to walk a few steps down.

Machico Beach

Strand in Machico
In Machico you will find a sandy beach for swimming and a stone beach for surfing
  • Ordinary sand (artificially filled)
  • Swimming (you can surf on the nearby stony beach)
  • Restaurants, showers and toilets available

You should know this: Machico has a great artificial sand beach for swimming as it is located in a protected bay. The waves are stronger on the adjacent stony beach.

Is the beach in Machico worth it? All is well. We did not like the location next to Machico port. But it’s great for tanning and relaxing in the sand.

How to get to Machico Beach: You can park your car in the Oásis Perdido car park right next to the beach. Alternatively, you can walk from central Machico. Many provider buses operate there Sam little.

Our advice to the hotel is for Machiko: Modern and recycled guest house

Calheta Beach

Blake on Calheta
Calheta on the south coast has artificial sandy beaches – ideal for swimming
  • Sand (artificially stacked)
  • Baden
  • Restaurants, showers and toilets available

You should know this: You can find another sandy beach on Madeira in Calheta. As you can see in the picture, it is divided into two parts. There are also beach volleyball courts and a good range of restaurants.

Why don’t you see this Praia da Calheta? All is well. You have great infrastructure and calm waters for swimming – but you don’t really get the beach feel.

Just ask about Praia da Calheta: If you are traveling by car, you can park your car for a fee at the beach parking spaces (it is best to take some cash with you). Alternatively, some buses run on line 142 from Funchal to Calheta (provider: Roadwest)

Our hotel tip for Calheta: Sacharom Resort & Spa

The most beautiful stone beaches in Madeira

Most of the beaches in Madeira are stone beaches. A lot of them look really cool, but they’re a bit difficult to swim in. It is best to take shower shoes with you.

Garajao Beach

Garajao Beach
Praia do Garajau is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Madeira
  • Steinstrand
  • Swimming (swimming shoes recommended)
  • A restaurant, showers and toilets are available

You should know this: Praia do Garajau is located right next to the statue of Christ the Redeemer, and for the two of us together they make up one of the most beautiful sights in Madeira. On the beach you will find a bar with a large terrace where you can also rent sun loungers so you don’t have to lie on the stones.

Is Praia do Garajão worth it? Yes! The huge rock on which Cristo Rei stands looks incredibly impressive from below. But note that the current in the sea is very strong.

How to get to Praia do Garajão: You can go down by cable car or drive halfway and walk the rest.

Formosa beach

Praia Formosa Bay Funchal
Praia Formosa is a long stone beach in Funchal
  • Steinstrand
  • Swimming (swimming shoes recommended)
  • There is a restaurant and restrooms

You should know this: Praia Formosa is the largest beach in Funchal and is about 2 kilometers long. The beach promenade runs along it, which is a great place for walking.

Is Praia Formosa worth it? All is well. If you live nearby or are driving by, yes. But we will not go there specifically.

How to get to Praia Formosa: There are many parking places. It’s best to come early in the summer so you can secure a spot. Buses also run regularly from Funchal – connections are shown on Google Maps.

Our hotel tip for Praia Formosa: Golden Residence Hotel

Alagoa Beach

Alagoa Beach
Praia da Alagoa is especially popular with surfers
  • Steinstrand
  • browse
  • A restaurant, showers and toilets are available

You should know this: Praia da Alagoa is a real Madeira insider’s tip. The beach is located in the beautiful village of Porto da Cruz and the surrounding views are amazing. Since the waves are very strong here, the beach is particularly suitable for surfing.

Why don’t you see this Praia da Alagoa? Yes – especially for surfing or watching surfers.

Just ask about Praia da Alagoa: If you travel by car, you can always find a parking space in Porto da Cruz. From the provider Sam There are also some buses from Funchal and Machico (Line 208).

Our hotel tip for Porto da Cruz: Jaca Hostel Porto da Cruz

Ponta do Sol Beach

Ponta do Sol beach in Madeira
The panoramic view of Ponta do Sol beach is amazing (© merc67)
  • Steinstrand
  • Swimming (swimming shoes recommended)
  • A restaurant, showers and toilets are available

You should know this: Ponta do Sol is a beautiful small town in southwest Madeira. Here you will find a beautiful, uncrowded stone beach with many bars right by the sea.

Is Praia da Ponta do Sol worth it? Yes, there is a pier with a quiet swimming area and an open sea beach.

Please contact us in Praia da Ponta do Sul: You can go there by car – there are not many parking places, but you can always find a free place. A few buses on Route 142 from Roadwest By car from Funchal to Ponta do Sol.

Our hotel tip for Ponta do Sol: Ponta do Sol Inn

Frequently asked questions about beach holidays in Madeira

What is the water temperature in Madeira?

From August to October the water is approx 23 grad In the warmest period, approximately from January to May 18 grad the coldest. If you grit your teeth, you can go swimming in Madeira all year round.

Are there hotels on the beach in Madeira?

And the. Not many, but they are there.

Are the beaches in Madeira suitable for surfing?

And the. Not all, but there are many great surfing beaches in Madeira. Beaches are good places to start Faja da aria In Sao Vicente, Alagoa Beach In Porto da Cruz and Sea Garden.

Do you need bathing shoes for Madeira?

And the, If you like to go into the water on stony beaches, bathing shoes are great. It’s somehow possible without them, but more relaxing with shower shoes.

These were our tips for the most beautiful beaches in Madeira

What is your favorite beach in Madeira? Or do you still have questions about beaches? Feel free to leave us a comment.

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