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Three months with a backpack through South America, a carry-on to the Bahamas, and a steamer bag to Peru – no, when it comes to travel or outdoor gear, I don't like to be pigeonholed and I've done almost every type of travel item in the past 10 years with luggage associated with it. I've now found a good compromise for myself: I travel with as much hand luggage as possible and it's generally lightweight (for me). In addition to hiking boots, I always have some clothes in my luggage. It is not uncommon for me to go on a longer trip with a combination of both. Sorry, a comfy dress (with leggings underneath) is sometimes more practical for me than any practical pair of pants. The outdoor nerds made fun of me just as much as the fashion girls who I considered an outdoors geek.

But hey, that's exactly me! And I am not ashamed of the fact that I spend hours looking for (for me) beautiful practical clothes and that I choose hiking boots based on visual criteria. Well noticed too! Of course, functionality and comfort come first – but if it's also beautiful, that's another plus, right? What often annoys me the most about practical clothes is that they always come in different bright colors that when combined do not go together at all. On the other hand, I always make sure my clothes (whether practical or not) are as simple and versatile as possible. It's called a capsule wardrobe and I love the concept. Because when everything fits together in your suitcase or backpack, you carry less stuff and travel lighter and more comfortable.

And since I know I'm not alone, I'd like to record all my favorites when it comes to travel and outdoor gear here in this article – so you can buy them again, sorted by individual areas of luggage, outdoors, and technology.

Travel and outdoor equipment in the luggage section

When it comes to traveling with a suitcase, I have now come to Samsonite and I am very satisfied. More precisely with the Lite Shock, which is one of the lightest bags on four wheels. Especially when traveling with a hand luggage, every gram counts and I am also happy with the weight I can save while travelling.

For longer outdoor trips, I use the Tatonka Yukon 60+10 in beautiful red. For carry-on trips where a backpack makes sense, I use either the Cabin Max or the Osprey Farpint 40.

In addition to these luggage pieces, I swear by hanging “toiletry bags” and packing cubes when traveling outdoors, which also keeps each bag tidy. I've had luggage bags from Ikea for a long time, but now they're broken and unfortunately no longer available. So I had to look for others.

I always carry a FJALLRAVEN Kanken as an extra piece of luggage or 'hand luggage'. 2 For use – also on almost all day hikes. I think Kanken backpacks are a real space saver and can also be stored in a larger piece of luggage to save space.

By the way: more on this topic Traveling with hand luggage (only). You can read about it in the article of the same name.

Travel and outdoor gear in the outdoor section

When it came to hiking boots, I also searched for a long time until I found the perfect combination of function, comfort, and look for me. For me, that's the Lowa Wendelstein, a very practical hiking shoe with a retro look, and the adidas Terrex Free Hiker, a light and flexible hiking shoe that looks more like a sneaker but still offers a lot of support.

For running at home and easy hiking while traveling, I like the Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 5, which I particularly like for its light weight and good grip.

Socks are no less important than shoes. Here I love FALKE hiking socks and Nike Dri-Fit sports socks.

If you are looking for beautiful and practical backpacks, in my opinion you cannot avoid Fjällräven. I just love the vintage look of the products, which extends across the entire product range. The Fjällräven Abisko Hike 35 W is ideal for multi-day hikes, while the Abisko Hike 15 is just the right size for day trips. I recently purchased the Salomon 12l Agile Running Backpack for a run.

You can't go hiking in the fall/winter without a cardigan! When it's really cold, I wear the Finnside Reversible Fleece Jacket, which is a little thinner and dries faster Inlux Tech W by North face. Not only are they both very comfortable, but I love the way they look.

The Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket is not only a visual highlight, but it is extremely simple and practical, not only does it keep you quite warm, but it can also pack down compactly and store in your own jacket pocket. It contains faux feathers and is ideal as a warmer jacket in your backpack during flights to higher altitudes in the summer or as a winter jacket on warm-climate flights so you don't have to freeze on the way to and from the airport. .

For winter running, I use the practical Kari Traa jacket, which is also simple and practical. The Craghoppers Wren Jacket, which I wear in red to turn heads in many of my hiking photos, is almost too cute for a practical jacket.

The trekking poles I actually take with me on mountain tours are the Swix Sonic Pro Trail Carbon, which together weigh just 335 grams. The innovative symbiosis of leisure and sports sunglasses is the adidas Beyonder, which doesn't slip off your nose while hiking or cycling and still looks like regular sunglasses and not like those ugly sports sunglasses. Since I have very sensitive (light) eyes in general, sunglasses are a must for me, even in the winter.

Regarding clothing, depending on the season, I hike most of the time in Nike leggings or regular shorts. When it comes to sports bras, depending on the intensity, I swear by CRZ or bumper yoga bras Ultimate Run Sport-BH.

My travel and outdoor gear for winter sports

Whether I'm skiing or wintering on Lofoten – my sustainable Picture Organic Katniss winter jacket never lets me down. Another winter hiking favorite: the brown Didriksons Parker boots. My helmet and ski goggles are from POC and I love them both functionally and visually.

Travel and outdoor equipment in the technology sector

I'll admit it upfront: I'm not an early adopter when it comes to e-readers — I just like the feeling of having a beautiful book in my hand a lot. But what do you do when you've been on the road for 3 months and you're happy with every gram your back doesn't need to carry as much? What do you do on the Spanish-speaking continent, where there is a shortage of English books at least outside the big cities and you don't want to rely on hostel exchange libraries? Finally, I decided to not only make my trip easier, but I also packed up my belongings, gave away all my books (because I never read them twice anyway) and invested in a Kindle Paperwhite. And what can I say: the Kindle is a revelation. Whether you're traveling by bus for 24 hours or nights in a tent – the Kindle has proven itself in all respects thanks to its amazing battery life (about 2-3 books per charge!!!) and absolutely brilliant display. Now I can collect all my books in one device and no longer need a lot of space in my apartment.

Plus, no travel adventure is complete without my iPhone XS, which I also use to record all my Instagram Stories. I track my sports activities with my Apple Watch 3 and I'm very happy with it! I was also impressed with the wireless AirPods Pro, which make untangling annoying cables a thing of the past. And the sound is sexy! My current work machine, which I almost always carry with me, is a MacBook Pro 13 and a powerful Transcend hard drive for backing up all my photos and video recordings.

As far as photographic technology is concerned, it has now completely turned over to Sony. If you want to learn more, I recommend my article Photography equipment when traveling. Because such heavy photography equipment is not useful for everyone, especially when traveling outdoors!

Plus: my credit card for all my travel and outdoor adventures

A classic that has proven itself time and time again for me on every trip Free DKB credit card, which allows me to withdraw funds worldwide for free. I've been using it since 2011 and I'm really impressed. However, my trip across South America showed once again that DKB is indeed the ideal bank for travellers. If you lose your card but there is a chance of finding it again, you can only deactivate it temporarily and you do not have to block it completely (which can be fatal if you are 10,000 kilometers away from home).

However, the bank also does the same if it detects unusual payment transactions. Just like me when someone tried to get a copy apparently! To pay with my card at a restaurant in Brazil. Even if he enters the PIN incorrectly just once, the card will be immediately deactivated for security reasons. I was in Peru at the time and was already at the end of my trip. So the card is completely blocked. If I was traveling longer, DKB could have reactivated the card for a few minutes at the agreed upon time so I could at least get some money. It's very helpful – and for me another reason why I feel like I'm in safe hands at the bank.

What are your favorite pieces of travel and outdoor gear? What makes traveling easier for you?

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