Madeira travel tips ᐅ What you need to know before your vacation

Madeira map

Head to Madeira

Madeira map
Madeira map

Madeira is an island in the Atlantic Ocean belonging to Portugal. It is close to the Canary Islands and Morocco.

In addition to the main island, it also includes the autonomous region of Madeira Porto Santo And unmanned Desert islands. This article is only about Madeira itself.

with 800 square kilometers Madeira is only the size of Hamburg in terms of area. The island consists mainly of cliffs and many places are located on a mountain or on a cliff.

No matter where you want to go, whether by car or on foot, it is always possible in Madeira Uphill or decline.

Madeira has approx 250,000 people – Nearly half of them live in the capital, Funchal.

What can you do in Madeira?

Punta de Sao Lourenço
Hiking is a popular activity in Madeira

Madeira is primarily a travel destination for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers. The island is hers High slopesamazing Walking space And Point of views a favour.

There are also some beautiful ones Beaches And Natural baths Great for swimming as well Surfing beaches. But: Madeira is not really suitable for a classic beach holiday, as there are mainly stone beaches with strong waves.

You can do a great thing for it Beautiful places Take a walk and you’re in one Tasty restaurant Fill your stomach.

Arrival to Madeira

Madeira airport runway
The runway at Madeira Airport is absolutely stunning (© kruwt)

There are from Germany from many airports Direct flights to Madeira. You can find the best connections on Skyscanner – we always book there.

Book flights on Skyscanner

Flight time from Germany to Madeira is approx 4 hours.

Alternatively, you can also fly via Lisbon or Porto and combine your Madeira holiday with a city excursion. This is how you sometimes find real things Snapper Divide the travel time between you.

Find suitable accommodation in Madeira

Rooftop terrace at Three House Hotel
Funchal has the most hotels – we love it Three House Hotel (© Three House Hotel)

Since Madeira is not that big, you can Overnight stays everywhere – Assuming you have one Car Rental. This means that you can get anywhere easily. If you don’t have one, it’s best to stay the night in Funchal.

Out of place Funchal Almost all guided tours to sights start here, and there is a good bus network. You definitely have that in Funchal The largest selection of hotels.

Make sure to take a look at the best ones too Boutique hotels Island – It is worth booking a hotel in Madeira that has a great view and beautiful design.

Explore Madeira with a rental car

Tunnels in Madeira
There are a lot of tunnels in Madeira

We definitely recommend booking a rental car for Madeira. There is Not a good bus network You are on the island and you have a rental car flexible.

The car is the only one so far The most popular optionTo explore Madeira. beech So make sure you get your rental car in advanceOtherwise it will be expensive.

Book a rental car for Madeira

Important: You need a credit card to pick up your rental car in Madeira.

Madeira has a very good highway network that allows you to get from one place to another. These are called highways V.E It consists primarily of The tunnel – Thanks to the tunnels, you can save yourself from all the snakes.

By the way, there are no tolls in Madeira.

To get to sights and remote places, you often have to Winding paths About the Berg Takes. Many of the streets are steep and the curves are tight. These are usually called streets He is-Roads.

If you’re worried about driving such roads yourself, it’s best to discover Madeira with us Tours.

Book a guided tour of Madeira

Traveling to Madeira without a car

Serpentine in Madeira
Snakes are the order of the day in Madeira – whether by bus or car

Madeira without a car – is it possible? Yes it works! All you have to do is prepare well because the bus system in Madeira is complex.

Or you can discover all the highlights Tours. This is also a possibility.

Book a guided tour of Madeira

Other than that, you can also take Madeira with you Public buses And walking long distances (Not uncommon in Madeira).

Our guide to riding the bus in Madeira

death Cities Everyone in Madeira With buses Connected. However, there are often only a few connections per day. There are no buses at all to many attractions such as Fanal or Pico Arieiro.

Also read our article about the Pico Arieiro trek

There in Madeira Many bus companies. Everyone goes from Funchal to different cities. Therefore, Funchal is the best starting point to get anywhere by bus

Bus companies in Madeira and the areas they serve

  • Sam (Funchal, Canico, Santa Cruz, Machico, Canichal, Porto da Cruz, Faial, Flughavin)
  • Roadwest (Camara de Lobos, Ribeira Brava, Sao Vicente, Arco Sao Jorge, Ponta Delgada, Seixal, Puerto Moniz, Calheta, Paul do Mar, Ponta de Parjo)
  • Funchal appointments (Funchal, Umjibong, Bueso, Santana, Sao Jorge, Arco Sao Jorge)
  • Expected loss loss (Funchal, Kaneko)

death The most reliable information You can find out the departure times at to stop. We always took pictures of the plans.

Telecom Expected loss loss And Funchal appointments It shows up for you on Google Maps (but it’s not always 100%).

Otherwise there is Bus connections All service providers In PDF format Online. The best way to do this is to search Google for “pfd Bus Departure point Destination “- For example: “pdf Bus Funchal Santana”.

notice: PDF files from the SAM provider are a bit strange. We relied more on pictures of timetables at bus stops.

Weather in Madeira

Blake on Pico Ruivo
When we were in Madeira in April, the sun was shining most of the time

Temperatures in Madeira all year round resistance. with About 23 degrees It’s always warm – it’s cool from December to February, but in the summer months it can get very hot.

death Winter months October to April is right Changeable – There could be heavy rain, or the next moment it will be sunny or the wind could suddenly blow from all directions. In the Sumer It’s the weather More stable.

They are also an important topic clouds On Madeira. The island’s high mountains are often covered in clouds – even when it’s cloudy in Funchal, for example. B- Completely sunny.

We advise you to check the weather in Madeira regularly to Checks.

And another tip: If it rains in the south, head north, if it rains in the north, head south – the weather is often very different on the other side of the island.

What to pack for Madeira?

Hikers in Madeira
Hiking shoes and hiking clothing are very important in Madeira

In general, of course, you pack what you need for each vacation – clothes, cosmetics, etc.

We have an extra one for you existing It is prepared with things that are important to Madeira and are often forgotten:

  • Hiking equipment
  • Rain mosquitoes
  • Sun cream
  • Sun protection (hat, glasses, etc.)
  • Refillable drinking bottle
  • Good book
  • Mosquito repellent spray

What language is spoken in Madeira?

The official language of Madeira is Portuguese. But most people – especially in tourist areas – talk English. So you speak English very well.

The staff at some hotels also speak German. But don’t count on it.

Eating and drinking in Madeira

The sword is like a banana
You can find Espada combanana on many menus in Madeira

You can have a wonderful feast in Madeira. Seafood in particular is very delicious. any Specialties We’ll show you what the island has to offer now.

Typical food in Madeira

  • The sword is like a banana (swordfish with fried banana)
  • Swordsman (Grilled meat kebab)
  • Coconut Bols (plain bread)
  • Passion fruit (The fruit is mainly used in lemonade and desserts)
  • Pages (sea slugs)
  • Fried corn (fried cubes made from corn flour)

Typical drinks in Madeira

  • the coat (a type of sugar cane drink)
  • Madeira where? (fortified wine)

Is Madeira expensive?

All is well. We found the hotels and accommodations expensive, but not everything else.

In tourist areas, everything is generally more expensive than in small villages.

In one Simple restaurant You often only pay for the lunch menu which includes a drink and coffee 12 euros. The cost of a dish in a tourist restaurant is about 15-20 euros.

Espresso is particularly cheap, typically costing only 80 cents.

Are there dangerous animals in Madeira?

Not real. You don’t really have to worry about that. No snakes, no poisonous spiders or anything else like that for a long time so mosquitoes weren’t a problem.

In the meantime, however, she was there too Dengue fever-Cases reported in Madeira.

We didn’t see many mosquitoes in Madeira – but they are there and you should definitely have mosquito spray with you.

These were our tips for traveling to Madeira

Do you have any other questions or tips for traveling to Madeira? Feel free to write to us in the comments.