Guests at ROBINSON Cala Serena can quench their thirst for water at the many drinking fountains spread throughout the building, where they can fill their own glass or metal drinking bottles. However, you won’t find plastic cups and bottles here. Because the club is largely plastic-free. We’ll tell you how this works here.

The motivation to use as little plastic as possible comes from Robinson’s sustainability agenda. Program with name ROBsponsible is based on three pillars: Reduce, recycle, reflect – that is, reduce, recycle, reflect. This affects all areas of the club. Water consumption, energy consumption and also plastic use.

Search for alternatives

As a first step, ROBINSON Cala Serena has removed single-use plastic products from its range and replaced them with sustainable alternatives. Instead of the single use plastic bottles you get Reusable cups and bottles You can find them all over the site Installation of drinking water dispensers filling up. You can also buy mineral bottles at the store. Not only does this system save a lot of plastic, it makes your life as a guest much easier. Because instead of running to the bar every time and having to get a new plastic water bottle, you can walk to the nearest water dispenser and fill your own bottle. In restaurants, the club also uses glass jugs to serve water and other drinks.

By the way, ROBINSON Cala Serena also relies on innovative solutions elsewhere when it comes to water. Flow restrictors on all faucets and showers – Reducing water consumption by about 50 percent. Since 2016, we also have our own high-efficiency seawater desalination plant, the water of which is used, among other things, for showers. Drinking water comes partly from the club’s three private wells and partly from the public water supply.

Also elsewhere Plastic products are constantly being replaced or reduced. Instead of plastic straws for cocktail parties or stirrers for your morning coffee, you’ll get sustainable alternatives. Likewise, takeaway containers, plastic cutlery and plates have been replaced with sustainable and reusable products.

Plastic everywhere

Only during the transition from plastic to more sustainable alternatives did it become clear how many areas of the club were using plastic: these ranged from disposable laundry bags (which have been replaced with reusable bags) to cocktail sticks and toothpicks to disposable ashtrays. One and the keys. The club has replaced all of these parts with either reusable alternatives or products made from more sustainable materials. You will no longer find salt and pepper as individually packaged portions, but rather get it from a dispenser, or at most, from paper bags. In accordance with the ROBsponsible sustainability agenda, the club follows circular economy principles. Where possible, less sustainable products should be replaced with more sustainable alternatives that can also be repaired.

One area where plastic can be difficult to avoid is grocery shopping. Here Robinson Cala Serena breaks new ground. Now only bulk containers are purchased and poured on site into small glass jars that can be cleaned and reused.

What can you do as a guest?

ROBINSON CALA SERENA HOTEL also includes you as a guest in its sustainability efforts. You can avoid plastic yourself by going on your travels Reusable bottles Take the ones you filled in at the club previously. You can also take part in the eco-tour of the club grounds during your holiday. This is really exciting because you can look behind the scenes and get your own idea about what the club is doing to become more sustainable. It’s not just about avoiding plastic. For example, you know that too Solar thermal system Find out who is using the power of the Majorcan sun to heat water for guests. Or that Photovoltaic systemWith which the club produces part of its electricity.

The club also relies on incentives Careful use of energy and water. Guests initially receive only one beach towel during their stay, so there is less laundry involved. Of course, if you want, you can get a new towel every day. But the incentive was created to produce less laundry. This saves a lot of water in the long run, as one towel uses up to ten liters of water in each wash cycle! There is another – innovative – aspect to reducing water consumption To be able to cancel room cleaning via the application. In addition to water, this also saves significant amounts of cleaning agents, which has a positive impact on the environment.

The diverse and inclusive activities have been officially confirmed and approved by Travelife. the Travellife certificate Honors international tourism companies that High standards in environmental management According to Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) guidelines. This certification confirms ROBINSON CALA SERENA’s successful commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

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