Golden autumn in Germany and the start of the Bulli project!

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I'm just warming up from my morning walk with a hot cup of tea. The sun was shining from every knob, but it was so cold that the frost crunched under my feet and only slowly melted in the warm sun. It feels more like winter, after all autumn was generally kind to us in October with moderate temperatures around 20 degrees. However, I also remember my many walks with an umbrella, days when the sun did not appear once and a thick fog hung over the fields. But it is precisely this contrast that defines autumn and makes autumn travel so beautiful. Days when you hide in the sauna after walking in the rain alternate with days when you can take a walk or sip coffee in the sun at lunchtime.

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What was happening in October?

In October, I had to go all out again. It started with a production trip to Baden-Württemberg, two weeks of writing, writing, writing at my desk at home, followed by a job in the Harz Mountains, where I supported Julia as a photographer. Fortunately, there was still a little time left so I could show Julia my favorite places in my home country before I headed to Hamburg with Millie.

Three Pearls is a small town in Baden-Württemberg

This time our production trip to Baden-Württemberg focused on the three pearls of small towns Isni In Allgäu, Ehingen Also between the Danube and the Swabian Alb Councils In Crayshaw. In total, we spent a week exploring the most beautiful shops, restaurants and excursion destinations in the area surrounding the Tri-Cities. there My dog ​​is bored If I wasn't quite as keen on the full program and the city's many explorations, I left them at my friend's house this time which was fine. Julia and I always tend to put 2000% of our effort into working to discover the best tips for you, thus often making our schedule busier than it already is. Although I'm usually happy that Millie often brings me back to the mat in situations like this and forces me to slow down, it was better this way on this trip.

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Golden but also wet autumn on the Moselle and in the Westerwald

So, unfortunately I missed Millie's first birthday, which coincided with the time I was in Baden-Württemberg. It's a good thing dogs don't care about such things, so we quickly made up for the time we'd spent together on a “family trip” to Cochem by hiking from Conde to Valweg. It's really crazy how quickly time flies and Millie has been with us for 6 months now. The creepy little creature is now a bright, cheeky badger who is still wary in new situations, but looks at the world with happiness and curiosity in everyday life and when travelling. At least as long as you're not trying to cross a six-lane street in Hamburg…

We have slowly developed a good routine and I enjoy walking in the morning, which for me is not only a relaxing start to the day but also serves as a way to go to the office. Even when it rained, I was happy to get out every day after the ride. Millie doesn't care about the weather, she's always happily jumping through the woods and fields – she can never be in a bad mood.

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Indian summer in the Harz

While the weather here in the Rhineland was rather bad in October, my parents lived on the sunny side of the Harz River this time. During my week-long visit to them, I was also able to benefit from them. We had enough sunshine every day and moderate temperatures that were perfect for long walks and hikes. Besides winter (with snow!), autumn is the most beautiful time in the Harz region for me. It is especially beautiful in the southern Harz region, which is rich in mixed forests. Some days I supported Julia on her productivity journey and other days I spent time with my family. Millie loves the Harz Mountains and my parents' house too – maybe because I have a lot of time there for nature walks, maybe because she has the whole house and garden to herself.

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Stop in Hamburg

Last Sunday, Millie and I went to Hamburg. This is where my truck was finally expanded so that it would be ready for a great year of life in 2020. We spent two nights at my sister's house, bought some extra furniture while we still had the bus, and visited my favorite coffee shop (North Coast) Visit. We also have with Momo ramen I tried out a new (to me) ramen bar which I'm going to show you alongside my all-time favorite, Zibang Ramen Bar, can only recommend. The day before yesterday we took the train home.

What was in the blog?

I got you from my country Health holiday in Vinschgau + excursion tips at Hotel Weisses Kreuz Tell me about my article Ingelheim am Rhein including sights, red wine festival, food and insider tips Done, my tips for Ehingen, a city of beer culture located between the Danube River and the Swabian Alps And also with Peru Round Trip – The perfect travel route to enjoy the culture and nature of Peru He also wrote a new article about Peru and posted it online.

Where are you going in November?

Now in November I still have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me. Two articles need to be written urgently, my 2018 taxes need to be completed and we also have an appointment with a dog trainer who I would like to discuss a few things with. So far I have raised Milli entirely by myself and focused primarily on bonding. My advice at this point: The Great Dog Podcast The feeble life. In some places, I'd like to get some feedback on what I can do better. Their strong hunting instinct makes free running difficult for us. Once they pick up a scent, they don't notice anything else around them. I'm also looking for an opportunity for Millie to play with other dogs, something that is unfortunately neglected in our home.

In mid-November, I will take Millie to my parents in the Harz Mountains before I go with my sister Costa Rica He flies!!!! It's my first trip since March and I'm really looking forward to spending some time with my sister in warm temperatures and having a few nice days of vacation without a laptop. Of course I will continue to take pictures and collect tips for you, but only on the side and without pressure. After all, photography is still my hobby! I already know how much I will miss Millie, but I also know how much my parents cared for her and how comfortable she felt there.

We returned to Hamburg for our first Advent, then picked up my newly converted truck and drove back to the Harz Mountains. There we will have a big reunion with Millie and our annual family reunion, which is always so nice. After that I'll probably take a short break for the rest of December. I did this last year and it was very good! In December, it's all about consumption and family (ideally). Travel topics are not interesting to most (of you). This time even my boyfriend is going on vacation with me because he is changing his job and he will also have vacation for the whole month of December. How wonderful!

But now I'm desperate to get back to my taxes, because there's still a lot of work to do before I can close my office in mid-November. So we'll “see” each other at some point or another before I finally go underground for the year.

How was your November? Did you travel and if so where did you go? I look forward to reading from you in the comments!

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