Fiss-Ladis – Winter break (for families) in the sunny Tyrolean Inn Valley

The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis
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Located on a high plateau 600 meters above the Upper Inn Valley, the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Ski Area is one of the sunniest areas in Tyrol with more than 2,000 hours of sunshine. Skiing and lots of sunshine – that sounds promising! In fact, the ski area surrounding the three towns of Serfaus, Fiss and Ladis lived up to its reputation and treated me to plenty of sunshine and mild sub-zero temperatures during my trip. And that's in January!

But I explored not only the slopes, but also the off-slope activities, which are very diverse in Serfaus-Fis-Ladis. Winter hiking, ice skating or the family ship Schneisenfeger provide variety during your winter vacation. This is for all family members. So I quickly took my mother and my dog ​​Millie with me on the trip, neither of whom had much to do with skiing. I also love variety, and in addition to skiing, I also like to get outside in hiking boots or on skis. So, if, like me, you love variety and/or want to enjoy a great winter holiday with non-skiers, Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis is the place for you.

Serfaus and the highest airbag track in the world

Once you arrive in Serfaus you will notice: this place is special. You are not allowed to drive into the city center unless you book a hotel there. All other cars must remain in the large parking lot outside of town. How do you get to the ski area from there? very easy! Serfaus has had its own subway since 1986. Yes, you heard that right! Subway! To be more precise, the smallest and highest subway in the world floats on cushions of air. The car park, located east of Serfaus, connects to the Wadi cable car station, located west of the city. Even then, the reason was the influx of tourists, which limited the quality of life in the village so much that people ended up taking unusual routes for the time. Today Serfaus is a role model for other winter sports resorts around the world! Instead of car traffic, pedestrians and winter sports enthusiasts walk around the city, giving it a very special character. In addition, the panoramic views of the sunny plateau of the surrounding mountains, which you can enjoy in many places in the city, such as the Zeno Bridge, are simply uniquely beautiful!

The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis

Vis – a holiday resort with authentic charm

The city of Vis, neighboring Serfaus, is also located on the southern side of the sunny plateau. Fiss exudes authentic charm – even without the subway. It is called a cluster village. You can imagine this as if children were drawing a village – which is disorganized and seemingly random. But this is exactly what gives it its special character. Vis has a 600-year-old town center with distinctive Roman-style house entrances. The Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Ski Area can also be quickly reached from Fiss using the mountain railway.

The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis

Skiing in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Speaking of mountain railways: a total of 68 lifts provide access to a total of 214 kilometers of slopes in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Although the ski area is specifically geared toward families, sport skiers also get their money's worth. Because instead of just focusing on beginners, the whole family should get their money's worth at the ski area — from toddlers to sporty teens to grandparents who may not ski (anymore). So winter vacation for three generations! A total of 47 km of slopes are in blue, 123 km in red, and 28 km in black.

The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis

I personally noticed from the first few runs how diverse the ski area and its slopes are. Especially after a long break from skiing – two years for me – Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis was perfect to get back into skiing, take it easy and relax for the first few kilometers and then try the first black slopes. The slopes are usually wide, so that beginners and advanced skiers do not get in each other's way, and the panoramic view of Tyrol Mountain from above is even more impressive from below the city. Thanks to its altitude ranging from 1,200 to 2,828 metres, the Serfaus-Fis-Ladis region guarantees snowfall until spring.

The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis

My advice: You shouldn't miss the view from Beezed (2770m) and Messenkopf (2828m), where, when visibility is good, you can see up to the Zugspitze on one side and all the way to Italy on the other. There is also a blue ski run from the former, but you should be able to ski on the red ski runs to get to Masnerkopf.

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Winter hiking in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

I have already mentioned that the area specializes in winter holidays for 3 generations. But what if Grandma and Grandpa don't want to ski anymore, the kids are still too young or there's a dog involved? This doesn't matter at all! Because there are many opportunities to meet again despite the different activities for lunch in the hut or for other evening activities.

The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis

What particularly interested me: Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis has created a number of winter hiking trails in the ski area where you can explore the panorama of the Tyrolean Alps even without skis (and accompanied by a dog). It so happens that I have never seen so many dogs in a ski resort as here. I would like to recommend to you three great hiking trails below:

Panoramic pleasure trail

The highlight of the area when it comes to winter hiking is the Panorama Pleasure Trail. This starts from the middle station of the Komperdellbahn and leads approximately the same height via the mountainous Sunliner station to the Möseralm. You will need to plan more time for the five-kilometre route in winter (about two hours) than in summer, as you will not be able to move as quickly in the snow and will have to cross one or two ski slopes. By the way, the trail is marked with a pink sign and is hard to miss. Finally, you can stop on the Möseralm sun terrace and meet fellow skiers. My dog ​​Millie and I really enjoyed the tour – and of course also because of the amazing panorama that awaits behind every turn.

The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis

My advice: Sporty people can extend the trip to Ladis. Or, like us, you can take the Möseralmbahn into the valley, walk a short distance through the Fiss and then take the Waldbahn and Suliner to the starting point in Serfaus.

Hogsey Loop Hiking Trail and Six Senses Trail

Another hiking trail ideal for a lunch break with “skiers” is Six Senses and the next Högsee circular hiking trail, which can also be started from the central station of the Komperdellbahn. Here too, the views are fantastic, and the circular walking trail around the lake in particular exudes winter seclusion away from the slopes. However, you are in the middle of it all and can stop for lunch at the rustic Seealm Hög restaurant.

The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis Monthly update November 2019 on sonne-wolken.deThe winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis The winter of Serfaus-Fis-LadisThe winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis

If you prefer something a little more active, you can also start your hike in Serfaus and then hike through the Madachen region to Sialm and even to Alpkopf. 9 kilometers and 600 meters of elevation are covered. In both cases, it comes down with bcopfban.

The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis

Year-round ice skating on the family ship Schneisenfeger

While we are at Alpkopfbahn. Not far from the central station and very close to Seealm Hög, there is another attraction that (not only) families can experience all year round: the family ship Schneisenfeger. It's basically a summer ski run (at least that's what I knew before), but it's open year-round.

The summer and winter toboggan run runs from Alpkopf to Högsee. The starting point is in an old sawmill. From here you will be taken to Alpkopf by toboggan. It then takes a 1.5 km long guided route at speeds of up to 40 km/h into the valley to the starting point. At the end there is a viewing tower with a panoramic view and comprehensive information about the timber industry and the surrounding mountains.

The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis The winter of Serfaus-Fis-LadisThe winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis

My advice: The trip is most beautiful in the afternoon, when the setting sun bathes the mountain landscape in soft, warm light. On your way back to the valley, you will pass the mountain station on the gondola. If you want, you can come out here again and enjoy the sunset at 2000 meters!

The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis

Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Hotel Tip: Hotel Alfa in Serfaus

The four-star ALFA Hotel is located right in the city centre. Family-run with a lot of love, the house combines Alpine flair with modern, contemporary and minimalist furnishings. You can see how beautifully embedded the surrounding Alpine world is from the outside of the nearby Zeno Bridge, meaning you're in the middle of nature in no time. Highlights of the hotel include an extensive breakfast buffet with fresh, crusty bread and rolls, as well as a 5-course evening menu with innovative and delicious vegetarian options. I also liked the hotel's relaxing spa area, which includes a swimming pool, various saunas and steam rooms, as well as cozy relaxation rooms to unwind after an adventurous winter day.

The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis The winter of Serfaus-Fis-Ladis

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Have you ever visited Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, and if so, in summer or winter? Where do you like to go on your winter vacation?

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