December Update – November Love, Bully Expansion, and Time Out in Costa Rica

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If there's one thing I've learned in five years of freelancing, it's to 'celebrate festivals as they come'. By that I mean enjoying the hustle and bustle and seizing the moment when a break presents itself. And while most bloggers are currently igniting the already crazy consumer battle with Advent calendars and the like, experience has shown that things are getting a little quieter in my travel blogger world. Last year, I used the last two months of the year to take a short break… Hawaii I traveled and tidied up my apartment. This year my sister and I went to Costa Rica. As always, I'll be letting you know what's been going on and how I'm spending the Christmas season in this monthly update.

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What was happening in November?

Anyone who has been following my blog for a while knows that from the beginning I focused a lot on traveling to Germany and neighboring countries. As well as a few long-distance hikes a year, it's all about hiking, adventures and experiences on the doorstep. It should stay that way. This year I've kept my flights to a minimum, not only because of my dog ​​Millie, but also in the interest of climate protection. For example, from March to November, I did not board a single plane. I have turned down interesting travel requests, also because I want to set a good example. And because I believe that you should not give a dog to friends or a kennel at every opportunity so that you can travel happily through world history.

November love in Germany

And so my November began with a lot of love for Germany. Because autumn has been very kind to us this year and has blessed us with colorful, sparkling autumn leaves and beautiful sunny days, even in November. I never realized how beautiful November is, with its misty mornings, the sound of frosty leaves under your feet, and the thought of a hot cup of tea waiting for you at home. As a dog owner, I notice these little things and small changes throughout the year much more, and I'm also getting better at seeing the beauty in every season and every month. So, instead of November blues, I had a lot of November love – at home in Westerwald as well as in Harz and in my hometown of Goslar.

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Time out in Costa Rica

Getting on a plane again after so many months must have been strange. It was even weirder leaving Millie with my parents for two weeks, even though I knew she felt at home there now. So, I had very mixed emotions when I boarded the plane that took my sister and I to Costa Rica for our trip together this year.

Given the lack of long-distance travel, I took time more intensively and was even more grateful for the luxury of being able to explore this wonderful country and enjoy the warm temperatures during the German winter. We visited cloud forests, took a long hike on Santa Teresa Beach on the Pacific coast, explored volcanoes, bathed in hot springs, looked for howler monkeys, sloths and other rainforest creatures, strolled across suspension rope bridges, and sampled coffee in the country. And of course there will be more about it here on the blog soon. Even though this trip was quite private, I still had some tips and photos up my sleeve.

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Fanlife here I come!

While I was in Costa Rica, my Polly spent the month of November refine In Hamburg. So, during the trip, not only was I able to get regular photos of Millie wandering through the Harz Woods, but I also got updates from my favorite T3. There is a connection between the bus and the bus at the end of the day and there was a lot of trouble: It's too late and there's something wrong with it that we don't let it go, so that it's easy to move and then it's time for you to eat it He goes! Write in the comments if you would like to write your own article with lots of pictures for expansion!

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What was in the blog?

As always, when I take a break, the content on the blog is unfortunately neglected. However, the following articles appeared despite my absence:

Where is the “trip” heading in December?

I was about to write “nowhere”, but that's not quite right. Anyway, I've only been home for three weeks and once I've finished this article, I'll start decorating the apartment a bit for Christmas. My bus also needs a little care urgently and I would also like to spend some time on the furniture. As always, I'll be in the Harz Mountains with my family over Christmas and I'm really hoping for some snow! Here at the blog, like every year, things get quieter in December, before I start working on new articles and projects again in January with a lot of enthusiasm and fun.

Until then, I wish you all a peaceful and relaxing Christmas season with little stress and many beautiful moments with your loved ones. Enjoy your time my dears, we will see each other again very soon!

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