7 beautiful places: do you know them all?

Till Eulenspiegel Fountain in Möln in Schleswig-Holstein.

Do you want to discover places on your own, without scrambling for the best place to take photos? The following travel destinations are not only beautiful, but they are also not very well-known in the world of tourism. We start in Germany.

1. Müllen – Germany: Don't fall in love with their innocence!

Mullen It proudly calls itself “Eulenspiegelstadt” and is located in a picturesque setting in south-eastern Schleswig-Holstein. this Enchanting placesWhich dates back to the Middle Ages, and is famous for its association with Even Eulenspiegel: A legendary 14th century wandering mischief who tricked the gullible.

Till Eulenspiegel Fountain in Möln in Schleswig-Holstein.

Till Eulenspiegel Fountain in Möln. | Adobe Stock/pit24

The Eulenspiegel Festival has been held every three years since 1997 and turns the market square with its historic buildings into a theatrical backdrop for about two weeks.

The tourist site of the city of Möln

This is outside the festival Eulenspiegel Museum Highlighting those interested in culture and history. Some of the most famous German idiot pranks, passed down from the popular book, are featured here in the media – little visitors are happy too! We continue on our way to the Till Eulenspiegel Monument in the heart of Mölln, Surrounded by historic architectureCobblestone streets and picturesque half-timbered houses.

2. Dalarna – Sweden: Reit das Dalla-Haast

Everyone knows Lofoten, Oslo, Stockholm and some people know the Baltic Sea archipelago Åland. But hardly anyone knows about Dalarna, the historic district in the heart of Sweden.

Ideal - the city of Dalarna in Sweden with its red wooden houses on the river.

Picture book The Poet of Dalarna | Adobe Stock/Margit Clotheske

Here you can find Sweden in its original form: the red wooden houses, the red wooden Dalah horse (Swedish: Dalahäst) and the Midsummer Festival like last century. With wreaths in the hair, traditional costumes, dancing, and a buffet full of herring, baby potatoes, strawberry cake and schnapps… and of course everyone helps out when the midsummer pole is put up.

If you want to celebrate the longest day of the year authentically, Dalarna is the place for you, as Midsummer is a popular festival here.

Visit Dalarna

Okay, let's go!

3. Svaneti – Georgia: At the end of Europe

Hardly anyone has Georgia on their list either, but that's just wrong. When the name “Svanetti” comes to mind, many people think of the Italian coffee company “Segafredo Zanetti”.

A view of the mountain city of Mestia in Georgia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The mountain town of Mestia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a starting point for hiking in the area. | Adobe Stock/Leonid Andronov

Death zone In the Caucasus It's called Svaneti or Svaneti and it's a very remote area – getting here from the capital Tbilisi takes about twelve hours by minibus. It is known to her Picturesque mountain villagesA stunning landscape with snow-capped peaks and a rich cultural history.

the Main city Mestia It offers on the one hand good infrastructure (which does not exist in Georgia) and on the other hand traditional Georgian architecture and cuisine. From here we continue on to Ushguli, with its medieval defensive towers dating back to the 9th century.

4. Kamchatka – Russia: At the end of the world

Kamchatka, one A remote peninsula in eastern RussiaIt is one of the most pristine and breathtaking regions in the world. Here the brown bear and active volcano say good night. But the Klichoskoye-Vulkan Not the only indication that the peninsula is for adventurers, but also the notorious visa requirements, along the lines of “to obtain a Russian visa (and thus access to the Kamchatka region), you need an invitation which you receive with what you have to do send your visa application.” This is what one of the local tour operators writes. But fear not: you don't have to book an expensive Kamchatka tour to obtain a visa. You can also do it yourself.

Totem poles of indigenous people in Kamchatka, a remote peninsula in Russia.

Also worth visiting are the totem poles of the indigenous people of Kamchatka | Adobe Stock/Joanna

You will be rewarded with a stunning view of Volkan Korgakskaya Sopka Already from the regional capital Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (usually abbreviated PK). Also visit the Osun Volcano Basin. In the caldera, you feel like you are on another planet, with hot springs, mud cauldrons and crystal clear lakes…

5. Comoros – Africa: Africa the vulnerable

Como what? Comoros are volcanic islands in the Indian Ocean Off the coast of southeast Africa, between Mozambique and Madagascar. Independent from France since 1975, a large proportion of the population of 870,000 is Muslim.

A boat on a beach in the Comoros Islands in the Indian Ocean off the coast of South Africa.

Beautiful beaches and turquoise waters await you in Comoros. | Adobe Stock/Family Images

Here are some things you can enjoy while on vacation in Comoros:

  1. Activities: Snorkeling, diving, kayaking, surfing or just relaxing: Comoros offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
  2. walking long distances: Explore the (remaining) rainforest. The Mongosmaki monkey is only found here in the Comoros. There are also rare species of birds and turtles. The volcanic landscape and picturesque waterfalls such as Meringoni Waterfall also make for a great place for hiking.
  3. culture: Overall, Comoros is a melting pot of African, Arab and French influences. The capital Moroni, founded by Arab sailors in the 10th century, is distinguished by its ancient mosques, exotic plants and an authentic Fulu Fulu market.
  4. Boat tours: Comoros' waters abound with marine life, including dolphins, whales and colorful coral reefs. Take boat trips to see these amazing creatures and also tour the small islands.

6. Raja Ampat – Indonesia: Archipelago of Dreams

Fortunately and unfortunately too, getting here is not easy, which is why large numbers of tourists will not flock here at the moment. The remote archipelago in the west Indonesian province of West Papua It is a paradise for divers and nature lovers. With one of the highest levels of underwater biodiversity, Raja Ampat offers a stunning underwater world with colorful coral reefs, sharks, manta rays and manta fish. An abundance of exotic marine life.

Raja Ampat is an archipelago consisting of 1,800 islands and belonging to Indonesia.

Magnificent – The Pianimu Islands are part of the Raja Ampat archipelago, which consists of 1,800 islands. | Adobe Stock/mariusltu

You will not get bored here 1,800 islands, some very different from others. It is one of those dream destinations that you will never forget. It is so small that you can't even see it on Google Maps.

7. Tasmania – Australia: Beautiful beaches and interesting nature

The author of these lines was himself in Australia and I must say: If you're traveling down under, you might as well go Tasmania Travel. It's not at all an insider tip among travelers to Australia. However, not many people come to Australia and therefore usually don't know Tasmania. At most, Taz the Tasmanian Devil from the Looney Tunes cartoon. You can also admire kangaroos and wallabies here, which are slightly smaller than their mainland counterparts. Even smaller: the Tasmanian brush-kangaroo.

View of the Bay of Fires in Tasmania with orange granite rocks in the blue sea and white beaches in the background.

The Bay of Fires is one of Tasmania's iconic landmarks! Orange granite blocks, blue water and white beaches in the background. | Adobe Stock/mtphoto19

Bay of Fires is a beautiful stretch of beach in the northeast, with blocks of orange granite on soft white-yellow sand. This is very beautiful A beach on the east coast called “Wineglass Bay” Or the deserted sandy beaches on the southern coast…

In addition to the usual outdoor activities, you can also take part in Tasmanian wine tasting Picturesque vineyards Share: Australia is a true wine country!

Don't put too much pressure on yourself when booking your travel destinations. There is not as big a crowd as in Mallorca & Co.